Medicaid Planning

Most people spend more than they have to on their long-term care expenses because they don’t understand the complicated Medicaid eligibility rules. Medicaid will look back five years to penalize an applicant for transferring their assets. We can help you maximize your savings under these rules and assist you at every stage of the long-term care Medicaid application process. It’s not enough to plan for eligibility, but we also have to keep in mind that Medicaid can recover against your protected assets through estate recovery. We seek to get eligibility at the earliest possible date while preserving the maximum amount of assets allowable under the law.

VA Aid & Attendance

There is a little known benefit offered by the Veterans Administration that can help a veteran, the veteran’s spouse, or his widow with the cost of tong-term care. Only veterans with wartime service qualify, but the service did not have to be in the combat zone. The benefit is often not enough to cover all the costs of long-term care, but can be used in conjunction with Medicaid Planning to protect additional resources and help pay through the five-year lookback period for transferred assets.

certified-medicaid-planner-icon-100wAttorney Philip Goldblum, MBA, JD, CMP™ is a Certified Medicaid Planner™