Estate Planning / Elder Law

The attorneys at Goldblum Sablowsky, LLC represent individuals of widely varying levels of net worth to create and implement estate plans addressing issues including wealth transfer and business succession planning, as well as trusts and guardians for minor children. We assist clients and their financial advisors with the establishment and maintenance of irrevocable life insurance trusts and family limited partnerships and also work closely with the families of individuals with incapacities in the establishment of special needs trusts. We listen carefully and closely to the desires of our clients so that our estate planning strategies and documentation achieve our clients’ desires regarding the distribution of their wealth.

Estate Administration:
We represent fiduciaries in the administration of decedents’ estates to ensure the orderly and efficient collection and distribution of estate assets and the timely filing of all required tax returns. We also represent beneficiaries in determining their right to receive amounts they are properly due from an estate.

We work closely with individuals seeking guardianship of incapacitated family members and other individuals. We not only represent clients through the initial court proceeding, but also assist the court-appointed guardian in meeting his or her ongoing accounting and reporting requirements.

Charitable Planning:
We represent individuals in the establishment and maintenance of charitable entities such as private foundations and charitable trusts. We also work with charitable organizations to assist them in qualifying and maintaining their status as tax-exempt public charities.